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PurposeFULL Living Podcast

Mar 2, 2019

Getting started is not based on how “good” you are or how young you are or how wise you are (although, that definitely helps). It is not even based on how able you are. When God calls you to start, He takes you just as you are, right now. You don’t have to wait for that “magical” time whether it be January or a Monday or some other fairy-tale hour. You do not even have to be comfortable.  In fact, what you’re planning on doing might seem near impossible. Most times, getting started on something entirely new will stretch you.

Listen in on how Amy moved past her negative self-labels to finally do the one thing she challenged herself in 2019. And learn about Tammy’s realization that God was asking her to revisit something she’d long ago given up. And hear how your own purpose does not expire with God but how it also does not always fit into our neat-n-tidy timelines.


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